The Optical Partners Programs of Signature Eyewear

Created over 6 years ago, Signature Eyewear's Loyal Partner Program was introduced to fill the void between the customer and retailer. By rewarding members with free point-of-purchase displays, priority frame releases and valuable finishing gifts, Signature Eyewear made a decision to form a partnership with its customers rather than establishing just another account. The program has since grown to become one of the most successful and powerful sales tools in the optical industry. In fact, no company rewards its customers more for their business than Signature Eyewear.

This year's Loyal Partner Program is more impressive than ever. The program has been expanded to include even more benefits for retailers including generous discount structures, sizable rebates, and points redeemable for brand name gifts. The crux of the program offers accounts a choice of participation levels based on the size of their practice and sales volume.

Each level offers a different discount structure. The levels are broken down into 4 categories: Bronze partners receive a 15 percent discount plus a 10 percent rebate; Silver achieves a 15 percent discount with a 7 percent rebate; Gold credits a 15 percent discount with an added 10 percent rebate. And at the Platinum level only, customers receive a frame discount level of 15 percent, plus another 15 percent in rebates. Participants can take their rebate in one of three ways: by check at the end of the year, off-invoice, or in the form of points (one point for each dollar).

Another new aspect of this year's program is the choice retailers have between two unique stocking options: the traditional "Loyal Partner" Program offers accounts the opportunity to automatically sample a selection of frames each month while receiving a discount, and accumulating points redeemable for gifts. The "Board Management" Program invites customers to select from a mix of Signature's brand name frames to best suit their practice and board space. Like the Loyal Partner Program, the retailer still receives the applicable discount, rebate, and points that can be redeemed for valuable gifts.